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Annelies Monseré & Richard Youngs – Three:Four Split Series Volume 3 (Three:Four Records, 2011)

This is a limited hand numbered 10” split EP (I got 119/521) with a side per artist.
Annelies Monseré presents us 5 versions of the same song, each time with other instrumentation, tonation and duration. You would think this is boring, but nothing of that is true. With her own special intimate way of playing she brings 5 totally different versions of each song. A very nice side.

Richard Youngs brings just one song with guitar and vocals. At the first time listening it didn’t catch me directly, but after a few times I must say it is growing on me. Which isn’t weird considering me being a fan of mister Youngs (who has never let me down so far). The song consists of processed guitar sounds with a thick layer of wahwah and other weirdness. Also some vocals seem to go through effects. The singing is in the typical Richard Youngs style, somehow poetic and dreamy.

On soundcloud you can listen to all the tracks and the EP comes with a download coupon. Richard Youngs seems to be more popular considering SoundCloud, but for this EP I would rather recommend the side by Annelies Monseré who presents her best work so far (imho) and steals the show on this lovely release.

Listen to the EP

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