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Kogumaza – Kogumaza (Low Point, 2011)

Kogumaza is a trio somewhere from the United Kingdom who, after two7” singles of which Sevens (Low Point, 2010) reached my ears, now finally has released a debut full-length album. The debut goes by the inspiring name Kogumaza and contains 8 pieces spread over two sides (four on each). The LP is a clear transparent slab of vinyl limited to approximately 500. The trio consists of a drummer and two guitars players who are searching their ways through the vast lands of sludge metal like Boris and Neurosis, the psychedelic sounds of the new krautrock generation such as Moon Unit and the drone work like entities such as Earth and OM.

On the record this results in a thick layer of muddy guitars and repetitive drum parts.

One might wonder what this outfit does on Low Point, but as we had noticed before with other releases on Low Point they seem to be open-minded people. But not only that, besides the swamp sounds there are also some other ingredients making this in a more diverse album.
The trio combines the slow heavy guitars with some softer, though dense, layers of drone and on other pieces there are flaming noise guitars with rhythms that could have been stolen from Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth).
Other times these same drums are strong repetitive, the same as the guitars who seem to be run through tape loops.
This repetitive character of the music creates an overwhelming psychedelic atmosphere who drags you in deep, as if you are standing in the ruins of Pompeii during a performance by Pink Floyd in better times.
This broad variation in sound makes this record a bit more than just for the average stoner and could interest a wider audience as well.

The single Sevens already showed us a glimpse of three musicians who have a strong own sound, and with this debut LP they only prove this some more. The record knows no weak points, but neither does it have tracks topping. It doesn’t need that, overall it is a really strong album.


Have a listen:

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