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Freiband – Stainless Steel (Ini.Itu, 2011)

The new release by Freiband (Frans de Waard) out on Ini.Itu contains only pieces created with sounds from gamelan. Though, as expected this is only partly recognizable, rather Freiband works with short snippets of the sounds to create somewhat rhythmical music.
In the first part on side A the sound is still recognizable, but further on the sound drifts through drones to clicking sounds.The only thing that remains are the shifting patterns that are known from Gamelan music. On side B it continues with these clicks, but even more stripped down. True minimal music.

To me specially the first part was interesting, but where it goes to the clicks it didn’t seem to work for me. It is all ok, but just don’t know about it. I have heard other work by de Waard that was actually more interesting to me.

There is also a 3″ cd-r out on My Own Little Label (a side label from Korm plastics) but I haven’t heard that yet.

Listen to some samples:

Buy the record:

Buy the 3″ CD-R:


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