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Frank Fairfield – Frank Fairfield (Tompkins Square, 2009)

Frank Fairdield is a young guitar, fiddle and banjo player who has been born in the wrong time. This might sound strange, but as soon as you hear the first tones of this record you know exactly what I mean. Those familiar with the Anthology Of American Folk Music (that collection from the archives of Harry Smith) or the music by The Carter Family will directly understand where Fairfield got his inspiration.Fairfield plays the same traditionals as can be found on these compilations and were also played by The Carter Family (and he probably even plays some Carter songs). Fairfield is a collector of 78 rpm records where he probably learned most of his work he plays from.

On this record we find 11 songs. It is a collection of working songs, love songs and sad songs about gambling, drug and alcohol addictions. He sings the blues, plays the country and Appalachian folk with lots of pleasure. A pleasure commonly unknown, which you also notice when seeing him play live. While these are recent recordings you could easily expect it to come from the 1930’s.

Really enjoyed listening to this one.

Listen to a free song:

“Call Me A Dog When I’m Gone” free mp3 download

Buy the release:


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