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Richard Youngs – I Dream Of Mezzanine / Cloudplanes (The Spring Press, 2011)

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Richard Youngs. I got about 25 releases he is involved with, either solo or in collaboration with others. So when I heard about this 12” I couldn’t let it slip by. Specially if you look at the amazing artwork with a lovely picture on front of a summer scene and embossed golden letters. This was really tempting.

But when listening to it something appears to me that I wouldn’t have expected. Youngs starts out with some broken beats. You could think of his album Like a Neuron, but where those pieces in their chaos had some line here I Dream Of Mezzanine on Side A just stays a bit, how do you say that, boring? There is almost no development and when he starts singing for once it doesn’t really grab. It is somehow meditative but not like his other repetitive songs as we hear on The Naive Shaman (Jagjaguwar, 2005). The pieces there are almost hypnotic while this almost becomes boring. It isn’t dance music, it isn’t popmusic. It totally goes nowhere and this is something we wouldn’t like if it was a complete unknown musician. And now that is is Richard Youngs, well, we do not like it that much while either.
My least favorite Richard Youngs track so far.

On the flipside we find Cloudplanes, which is a different story. Here we also find the electronic bits and pieces but things are more timid and developed. Besides a pretty plane rhythm box beat we hear weird clicks and glitches that plop in and out. Youngs combines this with his moaning wordless voice that sometimes remind of his collaboration with Alex Neilson and Alastair Galbraith on Belsayer Time (Time-Lag, 2006). It has this dreamy feeling which makes you feel like being in the clouds. This also has this meditative feeling, as on Side A, but here it works much better. This is a typical unmistakable Youngs piece where he shows how diverse his musical talent is.

I guess we can conclude this with saying that I have mixed feelings about this release. One side is quite boring while the other is again lovely. Guess for the Richard Youngs fan it is a must have, though if you are new with his work rather go for his regular Jagjaguwar releases (Sapphie, May, Under Stellar Stream).

I Drream Of Mezzanine / Cloudplanes is limited to 300.

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3 comments on “Richard Youngs – I Dream Of Mezzanine / Cloudplanes (The Spring Press, 2011)

  1. Justin
    August 11, 2011

    Ik moet ‘m nog steeds binnen krijgen… Maar ondanks jouw lichte teleurstelling blijf ik toch hoop houden dat deze mij wel bevalt. Ik heb trouwens ook die LP via de Grapefruit series besteld. En als ik het goed heb begrepen komt er binnenkort nog een LP uit op Root Strata.

    • Sietse
      August 11, 2011

      Ik twijfel nog steeds over die op Grapefruit en Root Strata klopt. Daar ben ik wel heel erg benieuwd naar. Hopelijk is die op Grapefruit ook nog te bestellen nadat jij hebt bevonden dat het goed is :p

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