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Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori – Frkwys Vol. 6 (Rvng Intl., 2011)

With the first listening iI was a bit skeptic about this collaboration between Ikue Mori (besides her solo work probably best know for her drumskills in DNA) and Julianna Barwick.
Both ladies have delivered us some lovely music in the past with their solo releases, but the combination of the eerie ambient voices by Barwick and the abstract glitchy music from Mori seemed like one that almost couldn’t work out.
But how wrong could I be. The two ladies seemed to feel each other very well in the four improvised pieces we hear here. There is space for both the eerie voice as the popping sounds. And the nice thing about this is the way Mori sometimes reworks the voice. While it gets cut into pieces it still flows lovely.

The artwork is also presented very well. On the sleeve we find a picture with both musicians and there is a booklet added with even more pictures.

Listen to a piece here:

And buy the release here:


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