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Top 10 2011 #10: Nils Rostad – Ujamt (Tallerk Plater, 2011)

This year I had the pleasure of meeting the really nice musician Nils Rostad when he was passing by in Amsterdam together with his mate Sindre Bjerga to perform live at my living room (also known as Moving Furniture Records HQ). For his performance he played improvised acoustic guitar. His technique was really free and inspiring.A few months later Nils Rostad presented us, after loads of CD-R releases, his first proper LP out on the obscure Tallerk Plater (which might be Nils his own label): Ujamt.

The LP is present in a simple but really nice way with hand-made artwork: thick folded paper with paintings on it. It comes with an exclusive picture and an insert.

On the LP we hear a total of 16 musical pieces and what kind of music. Well, that’s something not easy to explain. Unlike his live performance the music here doesn’t sound improvised. No, rather it are songs, or sketches of songs, or well, at least it is composed music.
Nils Rostad plays quite an amount of instruments here which at first sound so simple that you would expect it to be played by a child. But listening this one some more often makes you change your mind a lot.
This is mainly due to all the other things happening with plucked guitar strings, strange “field-recordings”, the help of a French horn player, percussion and much more.
There seems to be no line nor structure throughout the LP, which makes this such a weird experience. There are influences from folk music, drones, minimal music, pop, (free) jazz, rock and so on.
I really can’t point out what it exactly is as there isn’t really something you could compare it with. But what comes nearest is Jandek, Ghedalia Tazartes and Trumans Water mixed up by some laptop wiz kid and stripped of everything sensible.

Maybe Nils Rostad is fooling us, or he is crazy, or he is genius.
I think the last, but could as easily switch someday to him being crazy.
But for sure this needs to be in my top 10, even it was only for the most crazy and original thing I heard this year.

Listen for example to the following tracks on Soundcloud:

More at

The release is limited to 100 hand made LP’s and sadly enough not available anymore.
Though who knows with some great google skills some small obscure webshop might pop-up and have it.


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