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Jandek – Ready For The House & Chair Beside A Window (Jackpot Records)

It has been a while since my last post and that’s not because I didn’t purchase anything. The only reason was I was too busy with other things. But here we are again with 2 purchases that have been on my wishlist for quite some years.
We see two albums by outsider Jandek here. Above is Ready For The House which is his debut album first released as The Units and below we have Chair Beside a Window which is his fourth album (or so). Both are the vinyl reissues on Jackpot Records as the original LP’s are almost impossible to find for a reasonable price. When Ready for the House first got released in 1978 as the Units it was not really well accepted. The person behind Jandek, who now even after several performances stays a mystery to most, claims in one of those pretty rare interviews that he sold only 2 copies in the first two years. For some reason it wouldn’t surprise me if this is actually true. This because the outsider music Jandek plays is in this special tuning (if it is actually tuned) with his voice is strange, to say the least. At that time something completely new and unheard, and even in these days after something that’s isn’t just for everyone.

The music is minimal, isolationist and dark. Music of a lonely soul.

Listen to the first piece of the album here: Track 1. Naked In The Afternoon 1 by Jackpot Records

On Chair Beside A Window we hear a change compared with Ready For The House. While still being isolationist outsiders music we get to hear more instruments. But most notably we get to hear a female singer by the name of Nancy. This song is so dear to me. For all fans of Charalambides or Christina Carter and the likes this is a must to hear. It has the same intensity. Only this song makes this album worth checking out.
Nancy returns on more of the songs, but not as intense as the song Nancy Sings.

Listen to Nancy Sings here:

Both these albums can be seen as a great introduction to the mystical world of Jandek, though he has changed his style a lot during his now 34 year career as a musician.

Both albums are available from Jackpot Records, as well as the album Six and Six:


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