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Various – God Damn, I Hate The Blues (Kraak, 2011)

The blues is something I grew up with. My father used to listen a lot or Rhythm & Blues when I was young. Stuff like B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Little Feat and what’s more were all regulars at my parents house. At some point I kind of lost interest in the blues and rather jumped into more hard stuff like metal and hardcore, or on the other side experimental electronic music. Now years after puberty I in my continuing search for new music I some how did return to these early roots from my youth. Though, unlike the old rhythm and blues album my father played this time it is a more distorted form of blues. Influences from folk and country are not uncommon, but at the same time there is a big influence from noise rock, psychedelic music and non-Western music.
On this double 7″ released on Kraak we find a collection of six of some of these young blues players. If you consider that God Damn I Hate The Blues is one of the more famous songs by Dead Moon you already have an idea what the expect. Raw blues sounds with a punk attitude.

On Side A we start with one of the favourites from last KRAAK festival in Aalst, Belgium: Amen Dunes. Amen Dunes is the project of guitarist Damon McMahon with the help of friends. On this piece he has a drummer and bass player to play a long with his in echo drenched guitar. He brings us a melancholic song which brings me the shivers all over. It has blues written all over it, but there is this twist to it that reminds of chill wave. A great opening to this compilation.
Listen to Ethio Song on soundcloud:

When we turn over to the B side we find two artists. The first piece is by Warm Climate, which has a more straight forward approach. Their song Tourmaline Witches reminds much more of the 70’s blues rock. It is a nice piece but for me the weakest of the set, which is mainly due to the vocals that for me are a bit hard to get through. But this is highly personal as the music is played well by the band.

The second artist on the B Side is Bram Devens his project Ignatz who has previously released several albums on KRAAK and can be seen as one of their household names. As we could already hear on Ignatz his latest album I Hate This City he is slowly going for the more quiet music. Where in his early days it was all fuzzy noisy guitars with hazy vocals that you could never really follow he is getting more laid back with his sounds. His song “She Gets All She Wants” shows this even more. In the music he reminds a lot of the Velvet Underground and early Lou Reed albums and this is not only in the way he plays his guitar.

When we go to the second 7″ we start with a piece by Marissa Anderson who might be know from her album “The Golden Hour” on Mississippi Records which is contains improvised blues pieces inspired by old folk, blues and Appalachian Mountain Music. On her track Heat Lap she uses a similar approach and we hear guitar play that reminds of musicians as Jack Rose. It is a strong short piece which clearly shows her skills and makes me happy I also have her almost neglected “The Golder Hour” LP.
Also on the C side of this collection we find Nathan Bowles, a name that rings a bell but that I cannot place. He plays traditional banjo music which also reminds of Appalachian Mountain Music. Unlike the blues this sounds pretty cheerful, but considering the name Alabama Girls this might not come as surprise

On the last side we have another lady playing the guitar and one we saw earlier on Kraak already. Bridget Hayden, formerly know from Vibracathedral Orchestra, last year she had the album A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean with some noisy blues songs, that while her live performance reminded more of a mixture of Christina Carter and Jandek. In the song Eye Fond Kiss we hear her play very intimate guitar or banjo over which she sings through several fuzzy effects in such a way that we can’t really recall the words any more. This reminds of the early grouper recordings, but now mixed with a more country sound to it. It is a great emotional end to this compilation EP.

God Damn, I Hate The Blues is a lovely compilation which gives a nice peek in the current outsiders blues and folk scene. The double 7″ comes in a lovely fold-out sleeve with some amazing artwork.

You can order God Damn I Hate The Blues at


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