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Mirror – Still Valley (Die Stadt, 2005)

When Still Valley by Mirror got released it was for me pretty difficult to find this sort of records and ordering online was less an option without a credit card. Now 7 years later I finally found a copy of this album, a second hand one, in mint condition for a fair price. So when this arrived I was as happy as a child.

Mirror is one of those acts every ambient drone fans should at least have one or two albums in the collection and this album shows very well why.
For this album Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemann worked together with on-off member Jim O’Rourke. Together they created two long pieces of lush drones which slowly flow through the air. Though, in the background there are a lot of pulsating sounds that sometimes just rise up from the droning sounds. For the long sustaining sounds it seems they used some kind of stretched feedback loops, which afterwards get reworked. Throughout the music not much seems  to happen but when you go sit back for the release you get dragged a long quite easily.

Still Valley was at the time of release something quite different with its soft ambient drones, but since a huge amount of followers has stepped up.

Listen to a sample here:

Still Valley by Mirror is released by Die Stadt in 2 LP editions, both now sold-out and on CD which should still be available at


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