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Andrew Paine & Richard Youngs – Rotten Masters EP (Sonic Oyster Records, 2012)

Where Richard Youngs probably doesn’t really need an introduction for most of the readers on this site, I guess for Andrew Paine the opposite might be true. Something which is actually a bit weird as he is a regular collaborator with Youngs and also has his own extensive discography which contains some very beautiful releases (as diverse as Youngs his work).
The history of this ongoing collaboration goes back to 1998 with the first release being of their project ILK which had this crazy prog-rock sound to it.
Since they have delivered over  20 releases in various styles, of which most got releases on Paine’s own label Sonic Oyster Records including their latest effort the 7” Rotten Masters EP.

On the EP we find three short songs totally clocking in at justy over 5 minutes. This is short but sometimes short is good. And for this one this counts for sure. And with that I do not mean this isn’t any good, ’cause the opposite is true. This stuff pretty intense.
The two men are angry so it seems. The EP starts with Tomorrow’s Story which within seconds shows us what this 7″ is going to give us. Youngs is speaking and screaming over screeching guitars and punching basslines and drums. It is a direct punch in your face. But just when you thought it couldn’t get more heavy you get Endless Cold Despair which is one aural assault that at the same time reminds me of Keiji Haino‘s guitar play as it does of old aggressive punk music.
Not only the music has this punk attitude, but also in a lyrical sense this seems to come through quite a bit. Never before we heard Youngs use the words “So Fucking What”, as he does in the Tomorrow’s Story where he also shows a negative approach towards a lot of bad stuff.
Or in the closing song Wisdom where you are repeatedly are told you are asking the wrong questions. At least as far as we can make something of the whole lyrics, ’cause besides Youngs is screaming over the noisy guitar and bass there are also some effects on the voice making it some harder to follow (in all songs). 

Rotten Masters is the heaviest, loudest music I have yet come across from both this men (even Richard Youngs his Inceptor LP on Volcanic Tongue isn’t this extreme), either together or solo. But as always it is good stuff. The EP is more than just loud music. The guitarplay is really intense hectic stuff which, as already mentioned, reminds of Keiji Haino, where the bass is tight as fuck carrying the music.
A really big surprise which will not be of every bodies likes but for the die-hard fans of either Youngs or Paine’s solo work a must have. And if you are into experimental punk music also one to check.

There are no samples of this release online, so no streaming this time.

The Rotten Masters EP is limited to 250 copies and is available at


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