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Six Organs Of Admittance – Ascent (Drag City, 2012)

Ben Chasny is not one to disappoint me very often (I guess so far he managed only to do so with the 200 Years album together with his wife Elisa Ambrogio that came out on Drag City, while the other one they did for Grapefruit Records Club was again bliss). So when I heard that there was a new Six Organs Of Admittance album coming out this year it was for me time to cheer and jump around in the living room. And when I read it was together with his old mates from Comets On Fire it was totally party time here. Time for some Ascent!
And after listening the album a few times now I can say this was for sure the right thing to do, ’cause how great is this music. Pff, already with the first few notes you hear who is the real BOSS (eat your heart out Bruce).

Due to working together with Comets On Fire this is not your regular Six Organs Of Admittance psychedelic folk or whatever you want to call it. No, this is some groovy Rock & Roll just how it is meant to be played. But this doesn’t mean we loose the whole touch with the old Six Organs sound, because through the whole album you can still hear the particular sound we know from Chasny. The album could easiest be described as a mixture between the album School of the Flower and the Comets On Fire work.
On the album we find a nice mixture of some louder (and quicker) and softer (and slower) songs. This makes the album a very pleasant on to go through. The music is well balanced considering this. Take for example the sequence One Thousand Birds (a track that we also know from Dark Noontide, but now in new version) followed by Your Ghost, which is a more folky song, again followed by the rocker Even If You Knew.

Ascent is a welcome addition to the already amazing discography by Ben Chasny. And one you shouldn’t miss out on.
Listen to a track here:

You can buy Ascent here

Ps. The LP Maria Kapel that came out last year and got sold-out quickly got a really nice reissue. You can read my review here check the new LP version here


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