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Top 10 2012 #10: Eliane Radigue – Feedback Works (Alga Marghen, 2012)


Eliane Radigue is a French composer of electronic music who has been working with on compositions form mid 50’s. She is probably best known for her meditative works such as Trilogie De La Mort. But before she started working in that field she made recordings with feedback systems. On Feedback Works we get to hear three of these recordings and added are from the same period mixes from Vice Versa, Etc, which deals with endless music.

The three feedback pieces give us a different view from what is best known from Radigue. With three tape recorders, a microphone, a mixing board and two speakers she created her own feedback loops which she kept recording and mixing. Unlike the nice more dreamy sounds things are quite rough here. The analogue loops sound pretty distorted and muffled. This could be seen as something horrible, but in this case it amplifies the music.
When hearing these recordings I can totally understand that a piece such as Omnht amazed people when it was played as art installation in an art center in Dijon in 2006. It is an intense piece which rumbles and crushes slowly developing new patterns.

The project Vice Versa, Etc. was already documented on a CD released by Important Records, but here we get 2 different mixes, where the CD contains separated tracks that listener can listen to with the own preferred mix.
The idea behind Vice Versa, Etc. is that the recordings can be played endlessly in loops on every possible speed mixed with the other loops mixed played endlessly on every possible speed, be it forward or backward. With this you get total freedom to create ever changing music. In the two mixes we are presented here we get to hear two possibilities of contained in this music.
Unlike the feedback loops the music here is much more softly droning, but at the same time also more haunting at moments. The recordings are less rough and muffled.
These two pieces are lovely creating a fine meditative state, while at the same time leaving a haunting feeling.

Feedback Works gives us a small peak into the magical world of Eliane Radigue her early years. It is one document that shouldn’t be missed in the collection, even while the pressing isn’t as pristine as one would hope. Nonetheless this set is presented very nice in great artwork, with one of the most lovely pictures I have seen in times, and a booklet with loads of text about the music and interview and even more pictures.

There is no label website and there are no sound samples online.
You can get the album at boomkat, experimedia, discogs  and various other shops.


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