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Top 10 2012 #8: Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier – An Age Of Wonder (Shelter Press / La Station Radar, 2012)


This must be one of listened to albums for me this year, which doesn’t directly mean it will make it to the top 10, but for An Age Of Wonder, the 2nd proper full-length, by Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier this is for sure a reason to. Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier is a project by French musician Félicia Atkinson, now living Brussels, that started out in Summer 2010 while being in upstate New York travelling in a trailer.

Before this project Atkinson was already making music under her own name and had releases on labels such as Spekk, Home Normal and Hibernate. But where that project is more folk and ambient based with Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier she rather works in the psychedelic drone world. This work is much darker than people might expect when knowing her other work.

On this LP we find two tracks of about 18 minutes which are both build up with, what it seems, loops of old keyboard sounds and vocals. She starts out very quiet in the piece Fever Dunes building from a simple looping chord, a bass drum hit and her tender singing. She slowly fills the sound with more keyboard playing and a soft rumbling. The first part is quiet and giving some warm feeling, while later in the song more layers are added and things get more dark and noisy. This rough edge gives it the big difference with the other work of Atkinson and is also what attracts me more.

On the B Side we find the track The First Forest, which directly starts with a more rough sound. An organ plays a dreamy melody while crushed sounds, maybe field recordings, fill up the rest of the sound. The music is quite repetitive  but this amplifies the psychedelic notion and really drags you in. At some point, underneath all the noise, you still keep on hearing the melody because of this. That while at the same point so much more is happening. That what we started with keeps on going, while more and more layers are added, which delivers a dense drony piece which near the end totally drags you in.

This is a really great tune to listen when lying in bed with the eyes closed slowly dozing away. Guaranteed good dreams and a deep deep sleep.

An Age Of Wonder somehow fits in with the “Kosmische Musik” world, but it is presented with a whole different twist which makes it for me a more intense listening trip
. If you were already a fan of her previous album L’Enfant Sauvage this one should most certainly be checked out. And while you are at it this year the EP Summer Eyes also get released as one-sided vinyl on Morc Records. This  EP mood wise really fits in An Age Of Wonder, though than without all roughness.  This made it to my top 5 of best short releases of 2012 and not without reason.

An Age Of Wonder is limited to 400 and comes on transparant green vinyl.
You can listen to An Age Of Wonder over at Bandcamp:

The LP is sold-out at Shelter Press but you can still to get it La Station Radar or at Norman Records and Experimedia.


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