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Top 10 2012 #5: Lichens – Lítiõ Fõlk (Morc Records, 2012)


For quite some years it was relatively quiet from the side of Robert Lowe, but all of a sudden this year we got two releases, one under his own name which wasn’t really my thing, but also one as Lichens, that what he has been known best for the past years. Already with his solo debut (he used to be in The 90 Day Men) The Psychic Nature of Being (Kranky / Holy Mountain, 2005) he directly knew to blow my mind away with his psychedelic folk, ambient and drones. And what he did there he continues now on his newest effort Lítiõ Fõlk released on the Belgian label Morc Records (who had quite an amazing year).

On Lítiõ Fõlk we find back 5 new songs, all based around layered vocals and the occasional keyboard drone. While this may sound familiar still Lowe knows to give it his own twist. Lowe really plays with his voice, while looping them and pitching them up and down. This gives the music, while melancholic, still a joyful extra touch. The higher pichted voices combined with his normal voice creates an unearthy sound which when with a good mindset might easily help you quietly dreaming away while reaching a trance like state. You could describe it as the sound equivalent of certain stumilae.
The pieces are all connected to each other by use of the same pitched sounds. But in this case it doesn’t become boring, it rather helps with keeping you in the flow.

With Lítiõ Fõlk Lichens shows that in the whole psychedelic drone, weird new america, or whatever you want to call this outsiders music still rather interesting things are happening without directly grabbing to analogue synthesizers and arppegios or giving in to commercial success by changing his own style.
This music stays close to the roots of being. It sound very natural, while at the same time being unearthly.
It is a pleasure to see Lowe’s return with such an lovely album.

One to check out for sure.


Lítiõ Fõlk is limited to 260 copies and can be bought at


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