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Top 10 2012 #4: Zelienople – The World Is A House On Fire (Type Records, 2012)


Lets just be very direct with this one: Zelienople keeps getting better and better and at some point in the future this for sure will be a band that people will start referring to or looking for their by then very obscure and hard to find releases. Already with their previous release Give It Up (Type Records, 2009) they presented an album that delivered them more fans, which with The World Is An House On Fire this should only grow more.

Zelienople is a trio from Chicago that has been releasing music 2001, but only in 2006 they got first picked up by some bigger labels in the US underground scene like Digitalis and Root Strata who both released the album Stone Academy (cd and vinyl).
After this release things went up-hill quite a bit for the trio of Matt Christensen, Mike Weiss and Brian Harding (these days sometimes helped by John Twells of Xela and Type Records fame). Zelienople after this got picked up by Type Records for the album His/Hers (2007) from which a wider International audience was reached.

The music is some quite special with feet in the post-rock and ambient world. They combine this with a good dose of songwriting what on this album is brought really balanced. There is room for more ambient pieces, while at others there is gloomy singing.
The atmosphere on this album is dreamy, melancholic and sometimes spooky. It is to me in such a way that the trio for a next release make the new soundtrack to the series Twin Peaks. A modern day version so to say. The only thing missing for that is the sometimes strange sweetness we hear back on the current soundtracks.

Lyrically seen things are easy but poetic. Sentences such as Enough Enough Is All I Can Take are things everyone can somehow connect with. That while they are probably very personal and much more cryptic than expected. Because of lyrics and songs like this the album gets a more emotional touch, which makes it even more something to grab back to.

Zelienople with this album managed to get even higher on my list of favorite artists. I hope that someday they will manage to make it over to Europe for some concerts, because this isn’t something I would want to miss.

The World Is A House On Fire comes with high recommendation, specially if you also enjoy the last two Talk Talk albums, Mark Hollis solo or Bark Psychosis.

Listen to the album:

The World Is A House On Fire is on vinyl is limited to 500. It seems to be sold-out at all the regular shops, but you can still get it on discogs.


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