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Top 10 2012 #2: Mirrorring – Foreign Body (Kranky, 2012)


Mirroring is a social behavior where people that are in social interaction copy each others actions and behavior  You could think about starting the scratch when you see someone scratch at the same time or more extreme forms like same eye movement, choosing the same words and so forth.
When Liz Harris (Grouper) and Jesy Fortino (Tiny Vipers) must have this in mind when they started to play together and for this project added an R to the word making it Mirrorring.
The idea to work together is when Harris and Fortino were on tour together in Europe. The idea clearly felt so good that they decided to record a whole album called Foreign Body. And when listening the album I feel why this must have been so good. The two ladies really seem to feel each other very well, delivering us a very balanced album where none of them takes over the sound too much.

We get to hear six songs which hang somewhere between shoegazer, ambient and folk. In the songs where there is normal singing this is for Fortino, while more often the oooo’s and aaaa’s and blurred out voices seem to be for Harris. These last songs are in general the more spaced out ones which are harder to grab, but really necessary to make this album complete. This also goes for the songs sung by Fortino, though. The album is one entity.

No matter who is the one singing, all the songs are as equally sad. Something which is major part of the album. The sadness in this music is what goes deep (which also goes up for both their solo works, so that isn’t a surprise, it would have been something if they all of a sudden made happy music) and when listened at the right moment touches. In each song again, there is something

To me it seems that this collaboration brings out the best of these two musicians to combine to more than the sum of both. For both this is for certain among the best work they have delivered so far and I hope we get to hear more in the future.

Listen to “Fell Sound” on Soundcloud:

Buy Foreign Body from Kranky


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