Collecting Records

Reviews and pictures from Sietse's record collection



I collect records and cd’s. Here I post photos of new ones that I bought (not all probably) and maybe also some I already have for a longer period.
As much as possible I will try to write a review, sometimes a few words, sometimes a lot of them. Though this is not a guarantee. All will be pretty much subjective and is all just my opinion about the release.
Further this blog is pretty much useless, but I will have my fun in running it.

I also have a record label and make music. Check my websites if interested:

The picture in the background is my complete record collection (not the cd’s) as on May 25th, 2011.
I also have a wall with cd’s

Thanks for visiting.


PS. if you want to send me promo material that is of course possible, though as you can see this page has a big focus on how albums look (I make the pictures myself) so I do not accept download promos and cd-r promos in ugly paper sleeves. It must be the real deal. If that’s ok with you you can send an email to s i e t s e DOT v a n DOT e r v e AT g m a i l DOT c o m

disclaimer: all streaming files are legal streams from other places. If you are the owner of these files and don’t want them posted please send me an email at s i e t s e DOT v a n DOT e r v e AT g m a i l DOT c o m

disclaimer 2: everything on this site is my subjective opinion, do not agree with something you can post a comment but please keep it nice.

disclaimer 3: if you want to post a review on your website please add a link to the original source.


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